17th Jan2014

Rocketalk Branding

by veedubdave

Rebranding of Rocketalk, the biggest social network operating in India.

I developed a multichannel identity based on a cross cultural calligraphic interpretation of the Rocketalk “R” which was also easy to use in grass roots guerrilla campaigns.

17th Jan2014

Rocketalk Corporate Website

by veedubdave

Rocketalk is the biggest social network operating in India, with a bias to a mobile first engagement model. Rocketalk wanted to re-engineer the corporate website to become a platform for customer acquisition beyond its Indian marketplace. I led the project with the CEO of Rocketalk to analyse the usage patterns of their existing corporate website and used the results to redefine the architecture and underpin a full redesign.

The updated site more accurately reflected the user journey and refocussed the site as a platform to drive user sign ups, app downloads and significantly extend the scope of the customer support facilities.

22nd May2013

Launch of an app for my photography students…

by veedubdave

Ive been working with a group of Photography for Fashion and Advertising students over the last couple of months on producing an iPad app for use as the catalogue for their final degree show.

The app went live today in the app store and the students are (rightly) very excited about it all. The app is available for download here, and some screenshots are shown below.

The students who worked on the app deserve a big round of applause for their efforts - before christmas 2012 they hadn’t even seen Adobe InDesign (which we used to produce the app), but they have designed and produced the app themselves, with small amounts of expert input from myself. Well done to Claire Polly, Hayley Nash and Parris Lane.

04th Jan2013

Baby’s Here Book

by veedubdave
03rd Jan2013

Design for Ageing Well Branding

by veedubdave
13th Dec2012

Installing Adobe digital publishing tools for InDesign

by veedubdave

Great page lifted from the Adobe Website:


The Adobe Digital Publishing Suite is available for InDesign CS5, InDesign CS5.5, and InDesign CS6. To install the full set of tools for InDesign CS6, run the DPS Desktop Tools installer by choosing Help > Updates in InDesign. To install the full set of digital publishing tools for InDesign CS5/CS5.5, two separate installations are required. Install both the Folio Producer tools and the Folio Builder panel.

AIR 2.x is required to run AIR applications such as the Desktop Viewer. The most current version of AIR is available at http://get.adobe.com/air/.

If you experience problems installing the tools, see Installation Issues.


Installing the DPS Desktop Tools (InDesign CS6)

  1. In InDesign, choose Help > Updates, and update DPS Desktop Tools.
  2. The DPS Desktop Tools installer installs the Folio Overlays panel, the Folio Builder panel, a required InDesign plugin, and the Desktop Viewer.

Note: Whenever a new version is released, it can take a few days for the newest installer to be included in the InDesign Updates installer. During this period, you can update the DPS Desktop Tools by clicking the link in the Folio Builder panel or by downloading the most current installer from the DPS Dashboard or the Adobe Downloads page.

Installing the Folio Producer tools and Folio Builder panel (InDesign CS5/CS5.5)

Exit InDesign. Then:

Install the DPS Tools.

  1. Windows: Download Folio Producer tools (Windows)
  2. Mac OS: Download Folio Producer tools (Mac OS)

Install the Folio Builder panel.

  1. Windows: Download Folio Builder panel (Windows)
  2. Mac OS: Download Folio Builder panel (Mac OS)

Installing the Adobe Content Viewer on a mobile device

If you have an iPad, an Android device, or a PlayBook, install the most current version of the Adobe Content Viewer from the store. In the store, search for “Content Viewer.”


Updating the DPS Desktop Tools (InDesign CS6)

Whenever a new set of tools is released, choose Help > Updates in InDesign and update the DPS Desktop Tools. If you need to create folios that are compatible with an earlier viewer (v20 or later), you can use the Folio Builder panel to target that viewer version.


Updating the Folio Builder panel and/or the authoring tools (InDesign CS5/CS5.5)

The Digital Publishing Suite tools are updated frequently. Whenever there is a new release, the Folio Producer Service is updated on the web. There is a separate installer for the Folio Builder panel so that you can update the panel without updating your tools. Whenever Adobe updates the web client, update the Folio Builder panel to make sure that the web client and the Folio Builder panel remain in sync.

Note that updating the Folio Builder panel does not update your authoring tools.


The Folio Builder panel updates are available on the Adobe Downloads pages:

Windows: Download Folio Builder panel (Windows)

Mac OS: Download Folio Builder panel (Mac OS)

You also have the option of updating the authoring tools when a new version is released. When you update the authoring tools, any folio you publish is not compatible with any pre-v20 viewer version. For v20 viewer versions and later, update the authoring tools, and you can specify the viewer version when you create a folio. See Create a folio.

With InDesign CS5/CS5.5, you may need to revert to a previous set of Folio Producer tools to be compatible with an older custom viewer (v19 or earlier). Uninstall the Folio Producer tools, and then download and install the appropriate version. Older tools are available on these pages:

Windows: Archive of older Folio Producer tools (Windows)

Mac OS: Archive of older Folio Producer tools (Mac OS)

To see a table that matches tool versions to viewer versions, see the Please update your app tech note.

10th Nov2012

Work/Life – TypeArt Poster

by veedubdave

An individual can never know the path that life will take them, we can try to control events but we all know that unexpected opportunities, gifts and challenges can change that that path. Work/life is a pastiche of a classic Pentagram piece that acts as a metaphor for the unfolding story of life.

The poster was designed for the University of Wales BA (Hons) Graphic Design Alumni exhibition organised and curated by Paul Morris to celebrate the sad closure of one of the longest established (42 years) and most successful and popular programmes at the University.

Work/Life TypeArt Poster - pastiche of Pentagram

10th Nov2012

Coffee and Culture – TypeArt Poster Tryptich

by veedubdave

As a practicing designer my focus has always been on interpreting and presenting information in a clear and unambiguous way. No unnecessary adornment, no bling for the sake of bling, no deception. This series of posters takes an opposing view. Three quotes from designers / commentators which resonate with my design philosophy have been encoded using a 256 bit vigenere cipher and presented as simple typeart, deliberately obfuscating the messages.

The posters were designed for the University of Wales BA (Hons) Graphic Design Alumni exhibition organised and curated by Paul Morris to celebrate the sad closure of one of the longest established (42 years) and most successful and popular programmes at the University.


Frank Lloyd Wright TypeArt Poster showing an encoded quote from the man himself

Victor Papanek TypeArt Poster


28th Sep2012

Daily photo 28-09-12

by veedubdave

A fun pic of my very cluttered desk….


16th Feb2012

Introduction to Designing E-Magazines for the iPad – Lecture – 16-02-2012

by veedubdave

The slides from my presentation given today (16-02-2012) to year three graphic design students at University of Wales Newport as an introduction to designing e-magazines for the iPad.