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A Great bit of Language

I stumbled across this comment in a forum the other day (sorry I cant remember where it was), and it made me smile. I know I shouldn’t take the mickey, as it is much better attempt at English than my own derisory second language skills, but it just tickled me…. [quote]And the shopkeeper told me that the card is of…

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Excellent Short Article on Passive vs Active Writing

One for all the students out there. An excellent short article on passive vs active writing I have copied the complete text here for those who cant be bothered to click through to the original site: Active and passive voices refer to the relationship between the subject and the verb. In an active sentence, the subject is doing something.…

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Microsoft does the future

Great little film from Microsoft showing a view of teh future. Very slick and well produced, but im not convinced that I like the overall tenor of this. It all feels a litte too much like the distopian version of the future portrayed in the classic Logans Run and the more recent The Island. Not sure I want all of…

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