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Privacy is an important thing. I mostly like my own privacy and I try to be respectful of the privacy of others. It was then, with some interest that I discovered that my iPhone had been tracking my movements by triangulation of network cells, and with a bit more interest that I discovered that the data could be easily mapped.…

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Work/Life – TypeArt Poster

An individual can never know the path that life will take them, we can try to control events but we all know that unexpected opportunities, gifts and challenges can change that that path. Work/life is a pastiche of a classic Pentagram piece that acts as a metaphor for the unfolding story of life. The poster was designed for the University…

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Ive always liked palindromes – ever since my school geology teacher introduced me to the correct name for marram grass halfway up a mountain in the Lake District on a quest for an interesting lump of rock. I recently discovered that sophisticated palindromes were experimented with in Sanskrit poetry. Complex palindromes appear in the 19th canto of the 8th-century epic…

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Dance of the Xerophytes

Some of the places I have travelled to in pursuit of extreme experiences have also been some of the most beautiful, often in harsh climatic climatic conditions, often very dry. The ability of plants to survive in these conditions has always been surprising, and the plants themselves fantastic, often spiky, rubbery or smooth on the outside. These vector visualisations from…

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