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MyRt Social Platform

Rocketalk, the largest social network in India wanted to move their multichannel mobile social experience to the web. I worked with the Rocketalk CEO and key team members to develop a user content focussed web interface to present the constantly evolving rich media “life shares” generated by the community members.

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Rocketalk Corporate Website

Rocketalk is the biggest social network operating in India, with a bias to a mobile first engagement model. Rocketalk wanted to re-engineer the corporate website to become a platform for customer acquisition beyond its Indian marketplace. I led the project with the CEO of Rocketalk to analyse the usage patterns of their existing corporate website and used the results to…

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Monmouthshire Tourism

An extensive range of tourism focused promotional materials including rack leaflets, guidebooks and large scale maps used in key town centre locations. These were produced over a number of years and formed the foundations for a strong but flexible design language which influenced the design direction for much of the councils’ publications.

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Work/Life – TypeArt Poster

An individual can never know the path that life will take them, we can try to control events but we all know that unexpected opportunities, gifts and challenges can change that that path. Work/life is a pastiche of a classic Pentagram piece that acts as a metaphor for the unfolding story of life. The poster was designed for the University…

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Ive always liked palindromes – ever since my school geology teacher introduced me to the correct name for marram grass halfway up a mountain in the Lake District on a quest for an interesting lump of rock. I recently discovered that sophisticated palindromes were experimented with in Sanskrit poetry. Complex palindromes appear in the 19th canto of the 8th-century epic…

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