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A Great bit of Language

I stumbled across this comment in a forum the other day (sorry I cant remember where it was), and it made me smile. I know I shouldn’t take the mickey, as it is much better attempt at English than my own derisory second language skills, but it just tickled me…. [quote]And the shopkeeper told me that the card is of…

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Bridging Methodological Gaps Through Cross-Disciplinary Dialogue for Design of Smart Clothes and Wearable Technology for the Active Ageing

Abstract: This paper will consider the implications of a cross disciplinary approach to socially innovative design processes by examining research work in progress within the ‘Design For Ageing Well – Improving the quality of life for the ageing population using a technology enabled garment system’ project lead by University of Wales Newport. Social innovation often manifests through the actions of…

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Developing a visual language to enhance knowledge transfer in the design of smart clothes and wearable technology for the active ageing

Abstract: Design has a rich iconographic based tradition of information transfer with its roots stretching back many millennia. This topic is evolving into a new on and off screen visual language embedded in our daily interaction with an ever-expanding range of physical and virtual tools. There is a need to be able to interpret the information presented through this new…

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Microsoft does the future

Great little film from Microsoft showing a view of teh future. Very slick and well produced, but im not convinced that I like the overall tenor of this. It all feels a litte too much like the distopian version of the future portrayed in the classic Logans Run and the more recent The Island. Not sure I want all of…

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