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The Case for a Clearer Shared Language in the Design of Smart Clothes and Wearable Technology for the Active Ageing


This is the presentation I gave at the wearable futures conference 2012 ( organised by the Smart Clothes and Wearable Technology research centre at University of Wales Newport.

Ill be giving an expanded version at Innov_Ex 2012 on 16th April 2012 and then working the whole thing up into a full paper to be presented at the Textile Institute world conference to be held in Malaysia in mid may 2012. The full paper will be published in the Textile Institute World Conference Proceedings and Ill also post a full copy here as HTML text and PDF for download.


The development of smart clothes and wearable technology for the active ageing involves a range of skilled contributors from diverse areas of expertise producing a complex product aimed at an audience who may not fully understand the technical and functional properties and language. This paper will examine the case for a shared language within the domain and provide pointers to the way forward.